In 2017, we celebrated the 60th Anniversary of our founding, and thus shouldered more than a half century of company’s history. This achievement is a testament to our dependability, but also a weighty burden. For one of our main products, malic acid, we are the only manufacturer in Japan, and our ultra-high-purity colloidal silica has established a position as an essential material in precision manufacturing throughout the world. This know-how has been solidly etched into the DNA of each and every employee of FUSO, so that our customers can profess with confidence that they use FUSO products. We always maintain the intense concentration of runners in a relay of responsibility where we must never betray the customer, or lose the trust built up by our predecessors, or drop the baton without passing it on to the next generation.

FUSO does not just compete on the company scale. We have our sights set on “gold medal” products which are No. 1 in their market. Blind pursuit of quality can lead to high prices and delivery delays… Products like that will never win the gold medal. To create gold medal products, we must strive to achieve a masterful balance of speed, cost and quality… However, when we do create a new gold medal product, we win even greater trust and obtain extremely valuable information, and that becomes a new strength for the winning of the next gold medal. That is the FUSO our predecessors have passed down to us, and the raison d’etre of FUSO we must continue to protect in the future.

Therefore, we endeavor to always do our best, and never settle for the status quo. Through our more than 60 years of history, FUSO’s manufacturing and sales activities have steadily expanded onto the global stage. However, the world is still a big place, and there are an endless number of fields yet to be discovered. We at FUSO will never stay stuck in the present. We will strive for further development and continue to project FUSO power to the world.