Affiliates [Overseas]

Qingdao Fuso Refining & Processing Co., Ltd.

No.200, Zhuzhou Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong, 266101, China
TEL.+86-532-8870-1061 FAX.+86-532-8870-1060

Qingdao Fuso Refining & Processing Co., Ltd.

Capital4,000 thousand US dollars
Date of foundationJuly 29, 1994
Business Refined citric acid, chemicals and raw materials for pharmaceuticals, supply of food ingredients (meet the Foods & Food Ingredients Standard of Japan), manufacture of alcohol-based preservatives (for the first time in China), contract manufacture of liquid/powder blending, undertaking of analytical inspection of chemical substances and process control, etc.

Qingdao Fuso Refining & Processing Co., Ltd. formed in July 1994 as a member of FUSO CHEMICAL Group adopted the “total dust-free system” that was the FUSO’s own plant design with the theme of “Water and Air”. It is the manufacturing system utilizing the FUSO’s knowhow intercepting the outside air and eliminating the contamination with foreign matters and moisture completely, enabling the products of first-class quality to pass the very severe standards required by the semiconductor industry and the food industry that place importance on the quality in view of PL law. In particular, “Refined citric acid” not only passes the standards of various countries but also those of high purity are also supplied.

In addition, we established “Qingdao Fuso Second Refining and Processing Co., Ltd.” in the Economic and Technological Development Zone in December 2003 and started the construction of the cutting-edge plant and warehouse. 2 billion yen investment was made to establish the manufacturing setup of 20 thousand tons of products. The products manufactured will be supplied to the domestic market of China, Japan and South-east Asia. The new research laboratory is planned to be built adjacent to Qingdao Fuso.

In the meanwhile, we opened the resident office in Shanghai in July 2004 as part of strengthening the sales force. Thus we are strengthening the business base in China that is shifting from “Factory for the world” to “Market for the world”.

[West coast Branch]
No.33 Huaihe Dong Road, Qingdao Economic & Technological Development Zone, Qingdao, Shandong, 266500, China
TEL.+86-532-8691-1911 FAX.+86-532-8691-1915

[Shanghai Branch]
ROOM 510-512 LONGEMONT YES TOWER, No.369 Kaixuan Road, Changning, Shanghai 200051
Phone +86-21-6237-5466/ +86-21-6237-5467 Fax +86-21-6237-5469

PMP Fermentation Products, Inc.

900 N.E. Adams Street, Peoria, IL. 61603 USA
TEL.+1-309-637-0400 FAX.+1-309-637-9302

PMP Fermentation Products, Inc.

Capital3,000 US dollars
Date of foundationJanuary 1985
BusinessManufacturing and sale and export and import of chemicals

PMP is the second overseas base following Qindao FUSO, and the first base for manufacturing and sale in the United States.

The main product items are sodium gluconate (GNA), liquid sodium gluconate (LG) and gluconic acid (GA). All the products are manufactured by fermentation from liquid sugar as raw material. The combination of high-level fermentation technology and low-cost raw material available in this local area provides PMP with the world-class competitiveness. Their sales activities also cover the North and South America district, and imports/sells several types of FUSO CHEMICAL and Qingdao Fuso’s products into the US market.


1/1 Soi Sukhapiban 2, Soi 11 Yak 2, Prawet, Prawet, Bangkok 10250 Thailand
TEL.+66-2726-4502-5 FAX.+66-2726-4506