To bequeath comfortable livesand a beautiful planet to future generations, we will continually strive to be an essential enterprise for society.

systainability report

In 2021, we have formulated the Fuso Group’s Sustainability Fundamental Policy and organized the Sustainability Committee in order to systematically promote our action toward the sustainable society.

MISSIONCorporate mission

Through the technology
We will strive to resolve social issues,
Continue to contribute to enriching people’s lives and a sustainable future

VISIONFUSO’s sustainability policy

By the prosperity of the company’s business
Building the prosperity of all stakeholders

Sustainability Fundamental Policy

We at FUSO as a front-runner of our global niche company continue to play an active role in various aspects of people’s quality of life.We have been proud of providing indispensable products to the society by both our Life Science (Fruit acids and their derivative) and Electronic Materials (Ultra High Purity Colloidal Silica and silica-related products) businesses.For a sustainable future, we have strong desire to continuously contribute to the society with insatiable aspirations under our company motto “Limitless Progress and Creation”. We believe that such actions to the sustainable society lead to continuous improvement of our corporate value.

Sustainability Management System
We have established the Sustainability Committee, chaired by the director in charge. Under the control and supervision of the Board of Directors, the Committee is responsible for formulating policies and targets for sustainability initiatives, as well as deliberating on progress management and measures.In cooperation with each business unit, the Committee will formulate a long-term vision for sustainability, incorporate it into our management plan, and work to permanently improve corporate value.
Sustainability Management System
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS FUSO CHEMICAL CO., LTD. supports the Sustainable Development Goals