Designers are constantly striving to make PCs, mobile phones and other electronic devices thinner, smaller and lighter. This process is driven by the pursuit of precision in electronic components, such as ultra-miniaturization of semiconductor devices through stacking and higher level integration of LSI (Large Scale Integration), and ultra-planarization of disks.
We began R&D efforts on ultra-high-purity colloidal silica in 1987, and our product has secured the top market share as the main raw material in the final polishing slurry for silicon wafers. This technology is used for stacking and higher level integration of core components such as memory and CPUs in the field of CMP (Chemical Mechanical Planarization) which requires nano-level precision.
FUSO has established a unique position in the functional chemical field by exploiting the unique technology and know-how it has developed in a variety of industrial applications.
Through our innovative technologies for manufacturing fine chemicals - such as special reaction, refining and environmental protection technologies - we have broadly commercialized fine chemical intermediates for fields as diverse as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and plastics. Development and manufacturing of these products requires know-how in safety management to enable safe handling of large amounts of high-pressure gas and hazardous materials, and sophisticated manufacturing technologies for special/high-pressure reaction, refining and environmental protection. At FUSO, we deploy engineers who are highly capable in these areas and work responsibly while making efficient use of special manufacturing equipment.