Fruit acids such as malic acid and citric acid are the sour ingredient contained in many fruits and vegetables, and they are also found in grains, seaweed and other foods. They are an essential part of the energy metabolism which keeps organisms alive. We can truly call them a "source of life."
FUSO is currently the only manufacturer in Japan of malic acid. We market malic acid in Japan, export it to countries throughout the world, and have already secured the largest share in the world market. Just like gluconic acid, we have secured a solid position. Furthermore, in the market for citric acid, we are the top manufacturer in Japan, and have earned a high level of support. In the past, fruit acids were mainly used as acidic ingredients in juice, other drinks and food products, but today they play an indispensable role in food processing and cosmetics development, and their derivatives are finding application in a broad range of fields including agriculture, fishing, biotechnology, industrial technology and precision manufacturing. Furthermore, these substances are intimately involved in energy metabolism by living organisms, and thus the demand for them continues to increase as people become more health conscious.
Fruit acids are truly a gift from nature. The era of pursuing only the affluence and development of mankind has come to an end, and these materials have tremendous potential to address the coming era where we must carefully watch our production activities on a global scale.