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Three characteristics of SABINZOU assures various merits.
Three characteristics of SABINZOU assures various merits
Strong power:

■By combination of special carbonic acid, rust proof effect can be remarkably improved.
■It gives strong rust proof effect not only to the iron based metal such as steel and cast iron, but also to aluminum, copper and brass.
■It is safe not only in an immersing state but corrosion environment such as under air exposure and dew condition.
■Excellent effect can be obtained even under high temperature and humidity.
■The addition to the lime bath is possible and rust proof effect also is maintained even after drawing back.
■Because of the outstanding Iubricity and washability, it’s possible to improve machining accuracy and extension of a tool life is achieved.
■Sludge sediments quickly and always maintains beautiful machining liquid.

Water soluble:

■Since any oil ingredients, such as mineral oil, are not included, degreasing and washing are easily accomplished.
■Less foaming and non sticky.
■Spot after washing is not produced.
■pH value is controlled while rust proof effect is gained.
■Handling is like treating water! A large cost down is realized even after wide dilution.


■There is no disagreeable smell and it does not produce skin irritation, good work environment is maintained.
■Since any detrimental substance is not included, it is easy to use and safe for a human and environment.
■It is decomposed by heating and it leaves neither carbon nor metals after heat treatment.
■Liquid seldom rots by combination of special organic acid and long term circulation use is possible.
■The following process, such as plating, is not affected.
■Ingredients, which dip paint of machines, are not used.

Two main Application.
Water soluble rust proof agent:

■Handling is like treating water.
■The powerful rust proof effect continues even diluted by 30 to 100 times.
■A large cost cut is realized.
■There is no stimulus to a disagreeable smell and non-irritancy to skin.
■Good work environment is saved.
■You can use it safely and easily.

The example of solution:

Epoch making rust proof (In a company, the cost is cut down about 50%)
Heat decomposition nature rises (it is fully decomposed at 500C°)
Following process is not adversary affected.

The main uses:

Steel / pole and wire / auto parts / metallic mold etc.

Example of SABINZOU use:

Water soluble grinding & cutting fluid:

Outstanding lubricity, cooling nature and washability, the improvement in machining accuracy and extension of a tool life is achieved.
Besides, it has strong rust proof power without leaving grinding crack and long term circulation is possible by the addition of special organic acid.
Moreover, a large cost down is possible even after large dilution.

The example of solution:

Shelf life of grinding stone is prolonged.
Rough skin trouble is minimized.
Rust proof effect is remarkably enhanced.
Because of the prevention of decomposition, liquid life is raised.

Main use:

Household electric appliance parts / auto parts / bearing / tool / blades etc.

Example of SABINZOU use: